How do I get started?

Taking first steps to the treatment..

Step 1: Contact us:Please contact us. Our intake officer will be in touch within two business days to conduct a free telephone screening to discuss key concerns of your child and to determine if we are the right service for your child. 
Step 2: Intake form :You may get started by downloading and completing intake form.
Step 3: Once your form is received and reviewed, we will contact you to schedule a free Intake appointment. The Intake is a review of the client’s developmental history and current challenges
Step 4: our staff will contact you to scheudle an appointment for assessment. The assessment session can take up to two hours. During this session we use the best standardized or no standardized assessment tools along with our clinical observation to determine your child’s strengths and challenges. 
Step 5: Feedback session: A written report explaining the results is provided during the Feedback Session, provides a complete review of our findings. During this session, we discuss the child’s treatment needs (e.g. type of the treatment, frequency etc). We also discuss and develop best therapy goals for your child relavant to his/her treatment needs and your priororities for change
Step 6: Intervention: Ongoing therapy sessions and follow up meetings with the parents to discuss your child’s progress.

Intake Form