What makes us unique?

Undoubtedly, our unique treatment approach.

Our approach to Paediatric and occupational therapy is slightly different from other practices in Australia. 
Our treatment is based on the STAR Treatment Model used at STAR institute for Sensory Processing Disorder.

  1. We strongly believe in child-centered therapy where our therapists follow child’s lead during to each therapy session. Child Centered Therapy fosters the child’s innate potential, encouraging the unique development and inner growth of the child. 
  2. We empower parents, we educate parents and we encourage the parents to participate in all or most of the sessions so they can see in real time what we are doing.
  3. The foundation of our model is based on sensory integration and arousal regulation interwoven with a strong focus on engagement and relationships.
  4. We focus on the play to make change happen. Play is the child’s natural language and the toys can be used like words .
  5. We highly recommend and use an intensive treatment model in our clinical practice whenever it’s possible, where we see the kids for 30 mins twice a week or more. Recent research definitively shows that frequent repetition of therapeutic activities is needed to make long lasting brain and behavioural changes.
  6. Our treatment goals are based on your priorities for your kid. We then work together to narrow down measurable goals. . Our model includes before and after treatment evaluations so that your child’s progress is measured.
  7. Our therapists love kids. However, the gage of a truly advanced therapist is their ability to turn over “Magic Moments” with the child to you. Those amazing moments of joy when your child has just accomplished the impossible belong to, and are given back to you.
  8. We have both a “top-down” and “bottom-up” approach. This includes both the neurological foundations of function (such as sensory processing) and functional abilities (like playing with friends) and quality of life factors (such as having a peaceful home life).
  9. And last but not least, We strongly believe in helping kids to reach their full potential. 

  10. For more information about the STAR Treatment Model, visit www.spdstar.org/basic/our-treament-model